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March 2020

Addressed to teachers, What Matters in English Teaching offers an informed, principled - sometimes unashamedly polemical - account of the most important issues in English teaching now (and in the past), reflecting on and arguing for a particular vision of the subject - its pedagogies, practices and curriculum content. Drawing and expanding on many thought-provoking and highly influential blogs, it argues for a rich, diverse and creative experience of English teaching and learning. It’s a collection which draws on the work of a wide range of educational researchers and practitioners, to offer a readable and committed exploration of what really does matter in English teaching.


I think that this is one of the most important books on English teaching ever written, intelligent, stylish, and thought-provoking writing. Every English teacher should read it.

Marcello Giovanelli, Aston University, on Twitter, 18th April 2020

A lighthouse in the storm for teachers at all stages of their career.

Amy Druce, Lead English Teacher, School 21

A tour de force!

Dr Rachel Roberts, University of Reading

Such an important book which captures so much about the current and previous state of English education. It'll resonate with me for a long time, and feature on many reading lists of mine.

Ian Cushing, Brunel University, on Twitter, 5th April 2020

It is a complete joy to read and so keenly needed at this moment; a major contribution to discussion re need for urgent English curriculum change; robust argument and evidence showing why & how. So important. Needs to be heard. 'Big' and 'hard' thinkng here. 5 stars.

Elizabeth Draper on Twitter, 6th May 2020

What Matters in English Teaching: Collected Blogs and Other Writings: Resources and Tips
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